Participant's Performance directed by Brigitta Winkler & Javier Cura:

After three years of fruitful co-operation with Stravaganza, Brigitta and Javier will develop a performance involving a number of participants. Results and and knowledge of the Contact Improvisation/ Martial Arts classes as well as of the Stage Tango classes will amalgamate into this performance.

The performance will be developed in 4 rehearsals beginning on Wednesday 22nd July. All rehearsals are still for free. But, precondition is to take part in either both "Vivo teatro tango" classes with Brigitta or both classes "Body as Channel" with Javier.

The performance will come on stage for the ball surprise on Saturday night. We're really looking forward to it!

We will use the universe of tango as we experience it to stage a scene.

In order to take this workshop you should be open to explore acting methods, as well as adopt and play with that theme in mind in tango (for example the use of gestures towards building a character).

All styles are welcome! You should be comfortable to be on stage while dancing a social tango. However we will work as a group and use improvisational tools to play "teatro tango". And because we are interested in performing, we will also go for the experience arriving on stage.

A special note:
We also want to invite you to draw from talents and abilities outside of tango to bring on stage. We are looking for voices, sound, music and other arts to welcome to the performance. If you would like to contribute a special gift please contact brigitta before the workshop as soon as you can.