Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.):

With this lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

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Sat 17|07|2010 Andrea Gröger & Sebastian Mayer (Munich)
Tango meets Contact Improvisation
Sabrina Ludmann & Eric Rainer-Vehrs (Heidelberg)
Tango - a Belly Dance
Movements out of and around our bellies. Our (body) centre (and oiur partner's) and how we can play with them. How much belly is allowed to be "shown" in Tango? How close can we get? Belly to belly?
Sun 18|07|2010 John-Michael Mendizza (California)
Feedback Lab
In this lab you will dance with lot's of persons and evertime you will fill out a little "feedback card" (musicality, embrace, posture, left arm, ect) about them. At the end you will get the cards with all the comments about your dance - good and bad :-)
Daniel Käsmayr (Ludwigshafen) & Yana Rode (Munich)
Music makes you(r) step
Mon 19|07|2010 Antje Olowaili (Leipzig)
Capoeira meets Tango
Based on Capoeira movements, we'll develop an unusual Tango step - not easy but definitely something for tinkers... It's about  balance and a good supporting leg, when the free leg is high up in the air and the body counterbalances the leg.
Rainer Golgert & Kristine Bruvers (Hamburg)
Keep your axis by hook or by crook ;-)
Playing, experimenting and working about 'the axis in Tango". How to build up the axis and to feel the muscles involved. In a second step we use that feeling to experiment with different combinations.
Tue 20|07|2010 Björn Müller (Freiburg)
Holistic contact and connectedness
Inspired by the mindful walking meditation as well as some elements of the Chi Kung, we focuss on both the awareness of our body and the connectedness with our partner, ground, space and - of course - the music. Our aim is to find a respectful way to meet both partner and music without conventions.
Andrea Savage (Gießen)
"fALsE" on purpose
A Game with communication... Followers giving contributions into the dance, drawing the leaders out of their shell to create (or provoke) something new together :-)))

Wed 21|07|2010 Frieda & Hans Boekel (Bunnik)
Was du schon immer vom Tango wissen wolltest
Please offer a move or technic - we will translate / explain / analyse / support the movement and share / exercise it with the group to explore something new!
Bernd Laudowicz (Bremen)
Artentina's Folklore dance N°1
Thu 22|07|2010

Jördis Jakubczick (Amsterdam) & Astrid Weiske (Berlin)
Tango Inside Out
Leading and following with the awareness of our physical heart and the rhythm of the blood. Two of the most important rhythms of the Tango can be found in the centre of our body: The heartbeat of the arterial blood and the Valse rhythm of the venes. Both are echoed in the music and make our moves. The awareness of these rhythms opens new doors for our dance. They allow us to be with our partner and the music whole-heartedly without losing ourselves.
Also, we want to find ways to 'persuade' the leader to do something new. A playful dance enfolds with subtle interchanges between leading and following. On this road we learn to listen to our own and our partner's body, too. A full-blooded, sensual fun!

Moritz Muras & Ute Gerjets (Bremen)
Sit on it and rotate ;-)
The cross from all directions, variations - playful for both sides
Fri 23|07|2010 Claudia Kratzheller (Amsterdam)
Menage a trois
Tango in a thresome - is that possible? Yes! We open the (traditional) embrace and explore the possibilities. We work on the elastizity of the embrace, dynamic pauses, creative feed and dance in the 'orbit' - changing sides with three partners. www.body-linguistics.com
Holger Liszczenski & Diana Liszczenski (Bad Kreuznach)
Sacadas for Followers 
in interesting combinations
Sat 24|07|2010 Thomas Marx & Jeanette Schuster-Marx (Aachen)
Of the Highs and Lows of Tango
Tobias Funke & Steffi Adler (Bremen)
Savouring Soltadas
let yourself surprise :-)
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