Tango holiday + sleeping bag + camping mat + backcountry camping + campfires + dancing + "ph"antastic DJs + cooking together + Villa Villekulla + Woodstock + learning from each other + classes + swimming + flooded former strip mining area + pampas + lying in the sun + machine hall + day trips + biking + inline skating + live music + low budget + yoga + headstands + backflips + foot + volley + ball + badminton + chilling out + enjoying oneself + tango dreamers!


Dear tango dreamers, 
afte the camp is before the camp!

The date of the next camp will be 20 to 29 July 2012.
As every year registration starts on 1st April 2012 at 0:00 :-)

Here some souvenirs of the last camp 2011:
pics by Martin Schwarz from Berlin (Flickr)
pics by Katja Weinblatt from Leipzig (Picasa)
video "Pyjama Tango" with Frauke and Filippo (YouTube)
video "Una Mancha" with Esteban (YouTube)
video Participants Performance by Adriana Pegorer (YouTube)
video "Tango Hell" with Peter Merrik (YouTube)
text "Tango Hell" by Peter Merrick, translation by Max Peschek (pdf)
Newspaper article in "Mitteldeutschen Zeitung" 21.7.2011 (pdf)

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Gruppenfoto 2011

Hugs and greetings
Mirjam, Kemi & Andreas