Body Work

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
Evening Body Work daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
Alexander Technique private sessions with Sarka Provaznikova
Shiatsu private sessions with Till Zehnder

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

Relaxation, body perception, harmonisation, stretching and, of course, improving energy and balance as a fine start into a another great tango day. Please dress comfortly an bring your camping mat.

Samstag - Montag (21.-23.7.2012)
The 5 Tibetans
mit Melissa Chelmis (Bremen)

The "5 Tibetans" are a form of moving Yoga - a fix and easy to learn routine. The have a positive effect on invigoration and stretching of the muscles throughout your body. Also, your internal energy will be balanced by stimulating the meridians and strengthening your sensitive energy. Melissa Chelmis is artist, drama educator and systemic consultant.


Dienstag - Donnerstag (24.-26.7.2012)
Yoga / 5 Tibetans mit Michaela Mehl (Dresden)

A morning wake-up call with Yoga and the 5 Tibetans, using rhythm and silence...
Engage into a powerful moving morning providing you with energy for the day. What I bring for you:
... Invigoration of the body centre
... Posture and room awareness
... Good-morning-Yoga with sun salutation and the 5 Tibetans

Freitag - Sonntag (27.-29.7.2012)
mit Kathrin Schulz (Dessau)

I have been teaching Yoga for five years. I practice with an increasing joy on my own body, myself and live in general. I am a psychotherapeutic healer, traditional homeopath, also I practice reflexology, Yoga for Kids and laughing Yoga. My want for personal development and my curiosity, also in terms of alternative medicin and psychology don't let me go. - And: my heart beats for Yoga (and Tango Argentino!).  The lessons include traditional Hatha Yoga exercises adapted to current physiological knowledge. Mindful as well as powerful exercises linked with elements from Triyoga, Kundalini and Anusarayoga provide a broad basis, that I love to teach.


Evening Body work daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

If this is just a bit too early for you, then you could also take part in our body work laboratory (parallel to the tango lab). You can find the programme under 'Laboratory".


Alexander Technique Private Lessons with Sarka Provaznikova
(37,50 Euro / 45 Minuten)

The Alexander Technique is a unique form of health education which will teach you to become more aware of posture and movement problems that interfere with everyday life. It can help with managing back, neck and shoulder problems, handling stress, enhancing performance, improving balance and regulating breathing.

What happens in a lesson? Sarka employs clear explanations and a gentle touch in each one-on-one session. The lessons involve simple movements and techniques to improve balance, coordination, and help release excess tension, as well as focusing on particular problems. Give it a try!

Sarka Provaznikova is an experienced and skillful teacher of the Alexander Technique, having completed three year training at the Alexander Technique College in Brighton, UK. 
She first discovere the Alexander Technique through her interests in dance, movement theatre, tai chi and yoga, and after having suffered for many years from back problems.
She runs a private practice in Prague and works with dancers, musicians, actors, and others who seek to benefit from greater awareness and more healthful treatment of their bodies.


Shiatsu & Structural Alignment Private Lessons with Till Zehnder
(50,00 Euro / 60 Minuten)

The Shiatsu massage technique is based on the traditional Chinese medicin. Similar to acupuncture, blockings in our body will be solved via the meridian system also supporting our self-healing process.

Structural alignment aims to release tension differences in the fascial net and in the muscles through deep and vigorous massage of the connective tissue and to realign lack standing joints.