Our PHANTASTango Team:

Here you can see the guys running the next camp (from the upper left to the lower right) on our preparation meeting in June 2013:

Kristine, Lorenz & Rainer (kitchen), Thomas DJTJ (equipment), Bernd (cleaning, dishing, Werner (brunch), Johann (cleaning, dishing), Dirk + Timo (Bar), Renate (Pfaennerhall), Sylvie (Pfaennerhall), Mirjam (finances), Johanna (kitchen), Sophie (bar), Andreas (registration), Irene (brunch), Kemi (engineering), Arne (sound)

Furthermore we will be supported by Jochen (light design) and Karin, Olga, Gerald, Lutz, Norbert & Peter from the Pfaennerhall crew :-)