Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.):

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

The lab is free for all camp participants!

Main Hall
Body Work
Small Hall
Fri 18.7.2014 Bernd Laudowicz (Bremen)
Argentina's folk dance N° 1: Danced in a double line, hilarious and funny, with reminders to wild Flamenco and roaring bulls from the Pampa...  www.chacarera.de
Steve McKay (London)
Untraditional body work for both traditional tango and everyday life. Exercises supporting balance, groundedness, frame and a playful creative presence... Main focus: standing and walking. My background: Yoga, Tai Chi and Contact Improvisation
Sat 19.7.2014 Jeremy Fast (Mainz)
Listening needs feeling
Form and improvisation. Suspense and relaxation. Harmonic and melodic bows and rhythmic framework. We will open our ears for everything that is 'playing' around us. In doing so we experience form and structure of the music, learn how to respond to it and be creative.
Ruth Große-Wilde (Bremen)
Shiatsu / Partner work
In this lab I'd like to find calmness together with you offering some basic elements from Shiatsu body work. We start with silent stretching and focussed sitting for some minutes that everyone can arrive by her/himself. In the partner work I show you the basic position of Shiatsu, that you touch yourself as well as others positively.
Sun 20.7.2014 Tom Marx (Aachen)
Sway the Tango
The ballroom dances slow waltz and slow foxtrott know the sway as a movement idea.
We will introduce the basics of swaying and use this to make the couple reflect the sway of the music.
Jasminka Stenz (Berlin)
Relaxation  and Fresh Energy
I invite you to a wonderful body work that calms down and relaxes your body, fuels it with energy and improves its mobility. I am a dancer and I work with performances, choreography, teaching and dancing on the topics contemporary dance, contact improvisation, dance theatre and tango.
Mon 21.7.2014 Christina Miorin-Bellermann (Tübingen)
Leeway for Expression
How can both in the couple dance and express the music actively? Where can we find leeway and where to give it? Let's experience and enjoy the tango in a new way inspired by our partner through an intensive dialogue.
Sybille Stutz (Lübeck)
The Cantienica® method aims with great variety of exercises at improving our deep muscles and the entire muscular network. By stretching the spine and the dedicated use of the pelvic floor, we can easily improve our posture and become more mobile. An erect posture, relaxed shoulders and inner suspense are very supporting for dancing Tango. Also, the more intense body awareness as well as the independant mobility of chest and pelvis add a lot to both our dance technique and delight...
Tue 22.7.2014 Daniel Lentz (Grabow)
Dancing in the Sky
This lab deals with turns that are led until the outer turning point but become more and more slowly toward the end. Also, entrances and exits of turns and playing with the axis will be topics.
Christiane Fenge (Bremen)
Expedition to the sensual world
We have five for sure, the rumour has it there is even a sixth one. One or two are dominating far too much. This sensual journey discovers the well known world from a new perspective. This is about smelling, feeling, listening and touching as well as leading and following, showing and experiencing, about surprise, trust and entrust. Eyes wide shut!
Please bring a blind fold.
Wed 23.7.2014 Cindy Wasik (Bremen)
... are very versatile decorations - from soft feminine emphfasis to naughty accents or even a surprising giggle of your partner. You can do incredibly much with them. E.g. followers can decorate a forward step. Leaders can initiate them or do them by themselves. You can lead them toward each other or wave them in unison. In this lab you learn how to create them and to use them without disturbing your dance. Belly waves are non-disturbing waves which can be fun especially in the Milonguero style ;-). If possible wear tight-fitting tops for the lab.
Mike Rose (Cambridge)
Imagery & Visualization
Using imagery borrowed and stolen from many sources we will explore how our bodies move and how we can make complex movements using simple images.
Thu 24.7.2014 Eric Ludmann (Heidelberg)
Non-non-non Tango
Changing trends of 'suitable' tango music can not only be observed in our local milongas but also at every Phantastango. Every year has its own music taste - sometimes more Neo and Non them more traditional again. In this lab Eric want to show you how to create a really playful dance to a rhythmic Non-Tango... Thank you for the music - the songs I'm DANCING!
Martha Rygula (Aachen)
Power Yoga
A dynymic lesson with demanding elements from Ashtanga yoga awaits you. Enjoy the combination of intensive stretching and reinvigoration with the well-deserved final deep relaxation. 
Fri 25.7.2014 Isolde Kanikani (Utrecht)
Embracing Possibilities

Exploring how choices of boundaries in the embrace and the manner of communication can give us a huge range of possibilities for our dance. One system of embracing is very good for certain vocabulary and quality of movement but not others, likewise with a completely different embrace other things become possible without tension. So why not change between them to make the most of the possibilities. Changing the embrace to suit our need. Choices include: staccato movements - smooth, big - small, planeo - free leg/axis - lift etc
Elke Bartsch (Wuppertal)
Movement Practice
...is a guided group movement exercise with music. Aim is to study our mind, to become more aware and mobile. We exercise body awareness and not to melt into each other when in contact. And this can be fun! Movement practice orignates from the warm-up of body work groups.
Sat 26.7.2013 Andrea Savage (Gießen)
Connexion und Disconnexion
Immerging into the embrace, forgetting oneself until the disconnexion.... the soltada... and finding back into your very own ultimate connexion....
Clemens Santüns (Berlin)
Partner Massage
Being touched by people is often healing and relaxing. Supported by your awareness for yourself and your partner, I will you show some simple techniques for pampering another person with a still high quality of touching. I am a trained massager and rebalancer (structured body therapy). Please bring a matress and a partner...