Homer & Cristina Ladas (San Francisco)

Chloe Theodoropoulou & Dionisis Theodoropoulos (Athens)

Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler (Munich)
Sonja Armisén (Munich) David Schneider (Munich) Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt/Santa Barbara)

Cristina & Homer Ladas (San Francisco)

Homer and Cristina's reputation within the world tango community has become almost legendary - and we fully agree with that. Not only are they excellent dancers, but also brilliant teachers as well as charismatic personalities.
We're very happy to have them here again at the PHANTASTango Summercamp, after their visits in 2008, 2009 and 2012!

Homer and Cristina focus on an organic fusion of both open and close embrace, good groundedness as well as a creative musicality. They also keep making dancers aware of the social aspect of the Tango, which is not only danced by a couple, but also by all other people on the floor.

What we most appreciate is their unchanged curiosity, tolerance and ability to integrate - merged into one word: Their "One Tango Philosophy". Let yourself surprise by new ideas and techniques, conveyed by Homer and Cristina with fun, easyness and enthusiasm.

This year they also offer two classes derived from the current tango teacher training program - these classes are open for all dancers interested.

Hopefully, Homer, who plays double bass and Bandoneon and supports the foundation of local Tango bands worldwide with Jam sessions, will again support this year's PHANTASTango orchestra. And - maybe - we'll be enchanted by Cristina's voice...

Languages: English, Spanish


Chloe Theodoropoulou & Dionisis Theodoropoulos (Athens)

Dionisis started dancing tango in 2003 in Athens, Greece, where he was born. He is the winner of the Greek Tango Acropolis competition (2011) in the “Escenario” (stage) category. Chloe, trained in classical ballet and contemporary dance, was drawn to tango in 2007.

Dionisis and Chloe started dancing together in 2011. Together, they were awarded the 1st place in the Greek Tango Championship 2012, in the category Tango Escenario. They are based in Athens, Greece, where they teach at the studio of TANGart, but they travel a lot in Greece and abroad (U.S.A, Turkey, Italy, France, Monaco, Sweden) teaching and performing, and as guests in international tango festivals (TangoWorld Festival-Italy, RomaTangoMarathon-Italy, Stockholm Tango Festival-Sweden, Tango Festival de Crest-France etc.). Since October 2012 they have been members of the touring performing company Tango Seduccion.
For Dionisis and Chloe, tango is a dance which is based on communication, musicality and elegance, and these are the elements that they seek to transmit with their dancing and teaching.

Languages: English


Patrizia & Michael Kronthaler (Munich)

Patrizia has already tried ballet dancing as a child, later she opened her repertoire to Jazz Dance, Taekwando and Rock'n'Roll. She was a very successful sports person on both national and international levels. She is master of the 3rd Dan in Taekwondo, has a trainer licence and worked as trainer instructor. She taught Jazz Dance, Aerobic, Taekwondo and Tango Argentino. 

Michael belonged to the most successful Taekwondokas in the 70s and 80s. He is now a Grand Master. After his sportive carreer, he turned to all sorts of dance, e.g. Disco Dance, Rock'n'Roll, Tap Dance and later even ballet. As in sports he was also a very successful dancer. He also holds licences as trainer instructor and other high-level licences. In Tango he has now found the ideal combination between movement and music. 

For Patrizia and Michael it is a great luck to have discovered the Tango. More than on style, they focus on connection, the merge of body and soul within the music. Teachers of great impact on their dance were Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Fabian Salas and Carolina del Rivero, Chicho Frumboli with Lucia Mazer, Eugenia Parilla and Juana Sepulveda, also Sebastian Arce with Mariana Montez. For Patrizia and Michael the Tango is a platform for celebrating the dance of man and woman at eye level, without losing neither the female magic nor the male character of the dance.

Languages: German, English


Sonja Armisén (Munich)
Tangofusion & Contact Improvisation

Sonja Armisén has been dancing and teaching Tango since 1992 after having danced a lot of Salsa, Flamenco, Jazzdance and Freestyle previously.
After a soujourn of 1 year in Buenos Aires, where she took plenty of Tango dance and Tango singing classess, she opened  her own Tango school in Munich in 1997.
In the following years she has been intensivly teaching the Tango and performed in several Tangoshows in Germany and Europe.
As she has always been a club dancer as well, in 1999 she got the idea of mixing Tango with club sound, thereof her first Tangoremix  „la loca“ was created and 4 years later the first electrotango compilation TangoFusionClub Vol. 1 and in 2006 TFC-Vol. 2.
At the same time she opened the first Electrotango milonga in some of the most well known electro music clubs of Munich, and had live gigs (vocals) and DJ jobs in clubs all over Europe. Following that she created a new Tangostyle, according to the electronic Tango, the TangoFusionClub-Dance, which is a mixture of Tango Steps and freestyle moves and can also be danced alone, which of course caused a little revolution in the Tangoscene.....;-) She promoted her new dance and music style at several international Tangofestivals (Bologna, Düsseldorf, Zurich, Portland, Nijmegen, Lausanne etc.......).
Her teaching is mainly based on giving the students the possibility to know better their body and music awareness, thus they can move nicely on the dancefloor without having to think too much on complicated figures.
She is also paying much attention to the women´s part, as that is mainly not considered so important in Tango, but  for dancing nicely as a couple it needs also a good woman power.

Languages: German, English


David Schneider (Munich)

David Tobias Schneider works as artist, actor, perfomer and choreographer in Munich. He teaches at the Tangozentrum Munich.

Since 1996, at the age of 14 he has been dancing Tango Argentino, teaching together with his mother in Landsberg upon Lech. Two years later he danced his first show.

His style was influenced by different teachers of both the old and new era, but also by impulses of the dance theatre as well as his work as an actor.

In his teaching he encourages his students to find their own creativity, dynamics, musicality, awareness and authenticity in Tango.

Currently, his first Tango revue "El Tanguero" is a box office hit at the City Theatre Landshut, in which he can be seen as a passionate Tango singer.

Languages: German, English


Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt/Santa Barbara)

Sabine and John-Michael teach together in Erfurt and other places in Germany as well as in the US. They also both DJ at various events.

Sabine’s main interest is didactics; she organizes the annual TangoTeacherMeeting in Erfurt now in its 5th year, and leads courses for teachers. In addition, she researches tango academically.

John-Michael and Sabine teach close as well as open embrace. With uncomplicated step material they try to convey a feeling for musical dancing.

They designed the beginner workshops in a way that combines one specific essential technique, a musical detail and a certain figure element for each class. These workshops are ideal for new people, but role changers and experienced dancers who want to focus specifically on one of these themes can also profit from it and are most welcome.

Languages: German, English