All our DJs are experienced participants in the camp, who are close to the heartbeat of our event!

At the milongas and balls in the Main Hall we will have DJs with mainly classic tangos and (especially towards the end of the night) some alternative sections - of course, in tandas with cortinas.

Music on our outside dance floor parallel to the Milongas at the Main Hall will be more alternative, there also will be electro and non-tangos, modern and of course a fine share of classic tangos.

During the daytime the outside dance floor is open for your spontaneous DJing.

Main Hall

Outside Dance Floor

10 pm - open end

10 pm - 1 am

Friday 21.7.2017 Sabine Zubarik Sebastian Mayer
Saturday 22.7.2017 Nico Loco Mari Olschewski
Sunday 23.7.2017 Uwe Rommeley Mike Godyla
Monday 24.7.2017 DJTJ Danièl Lentz
Tuesday 25.7.2017 Heiko Gade Bernd Roloff
Wednesday 26.7.2017 Don Esteban Homer Ladas
Thursday 27.7.2017 Vito Venturi Dirk Brunken
Friday 28.7.2017 Charlotte Tango Robert Schulz
Saturday 29.7.2017 Klaus Windisch Ulrike von Bonn
Sunday 30.7.2017 Thomas Henschel -