Sara Westin & Juan Pablo Canavire

Diana Cruz & Nick Jones

Raquel & Ricardo Lang Jasminka Stenz

Sara Westin & Juan Pablo Canavire

Sara is a positive, happy and stubborn young lady that was born 1990 in Stockholm. She started dance when she was four years old and when she turned eleven years she entered to The Royal Swedish Ballet school in Stockholm. Sara knew very early that she wanted to be a professional dancer. During her last year in school she went for a trip to Buenos Aires, together with her mom that dances tango, but Sara was only going to take some ballet and contemporary classes. Passing some time in DNI Tango school, the young, talented tango teachers convinced her to at least try Argentinian tango…and she was stuck. She graduated school in 2010 and decided to go back to Buenos Aires for 10 weeks that year. Those planned 10 weeks turned out in 7 months of studying tango in DNI Tango School and a contract in the DNI Tango Company. 

Juan Pablo  was born in 1984 in the North of Argentina. At 18 years old, he had his first contact with what is his passion today, TANGO. For three years he formed part of the company ‘Pasión y tango’ in hometown Jujuy. To enrich his dancing he began training in other styles and techniques at the Norma Fontella Superior School of Dance: contemporary, classical ballet, partnering and folk dance.
Wanting to deepen his studies, at 21 years old he travelled to Buenos Aires to fully dedicate himself to dance. Here he found infinite styles and ways of teaching tango. His search lasted three years until one day he arrived at DNI Tango. After taking his first class he felt that he had found the right place, that the search was over. And during more than a year and a half, the ‘Jujeño’ went every afternoon to the studio to take classes, share mate and spend time with the company/family of the school.

Both were part of the DNI Buenos Aires under the leadership of Dana Frigoli and Jonny Lambert for almost seven years. During this collaboration they were doing huge process as dancers, artists and teachers, sharing many projects at festivals in Buenos Aires, celebrated tours around the world and productions as "La Musa del Capricho" and "Dos: Lo que se Disuelve".

In 2016 Sara & Juampi fullfilled another dream, directing the School of DNI Tango Stockholm in Sara's home country Sweden. "We are happy to have the possibility to share with you our experience, the energy and passion that we bring with us from the DNI Tango School in Buenos Aires, with the direction of Dana Frigoli and Jonny Lambert. We want to help and inspire beginners, people of all different ages, and also professional tango dancers. We want to do this in a fun way, that is nice and good for body and soul."

Class language: Spanish, English
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Diana Cruz & Nick Jones

Nicholas Jones and Diana Cruz's artistic partnership gives shape and life to the concept of Natural Tango Studio in Denver.
As enthusiastic teachers, choreographers, performers, dj's, dance festival organizers and musicians, Nick & Diana are invited to dance events, tango festivals and workshops around the world.
They host the annual NaturalTango Festival in Denver, CO, bringing world renowned artists to create a special event that pulls a important dance crowd from all over the world.
They have created and performed at various Dance Productions such as: "Tango Times" with Gustavo Naveira & Giselle Anne; the "Tango Zone" in New York; "Piazzolla, En Sus Palabras" with Parasol Arts; "Oniria Tango", directed by Miss Cruz.
They have been teachers and performers at tango festivals and special workshops in the United States and Canada, as well as in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are constantly touring, teaching and performing in Europe, Australia and Asia.
Both are are musicians for the Orquesta Típica Natural Tango, that they founded in 2009 and that has since evolved into one of the most exhilarating and coherent tango orchestras in the States. They are also invited as performers other bands and orchestras.
As dance teachers, Nick & Diana share, unreservedly, their technique and structure so that each individual student can ultimately reach their own expression in the dance. They believe that the goal of a teacher is to give everything away to the student, while the goal of the performer is to hide their secrets so they can enamor and bedazzle the audience. Nick & Diana do both with fluid ease and grace.

Diana has dedicated her life to understanding, creating, performing and teaching body movement.
Her discovery of Argentine Tango has given her yet another turn in the never-ending, cyclical journey of exploring new ways of moving and expressing. Diana incorporates her multi-disciplinary techniques (Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Modern Dance, Latin American Folk Dances, Pilates, Yoga, Singing and many Tango Dance styles) into one cohesive dance. She uses these techniques to create powerful, musical, unique performances. Her understanding of biomechanics gives her an astute approach as a movement teacher.
Joining the Orquesta Típica Natural Tango, as a singer, has been an important addition to her artistic career.
Originally from Asunción, Paraguay, she began her dance studies in her home country, the process of dance-learning placed her in various Performing Arts schools around Argentina, Brazil and Chile. As a professional dancer, she joined several ballet companies. She holds a degree in Psychology from the Universidad Nacional de Asunción, a study that has enhanced her understanding of the human mind and body interaction. Also she has received a Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training Certification.
Diana has created her own line of Tango shoes for women, Cruzartango, which is a continual exploration of organic and ergonomic dance shoes.

Nicholas has been dancing & studying dance since 1996 and emphasizes that he never stopped being a student. Nick's main focus is Argentine Tango, he is also a competent Lindy Hop & Blues dancer. He was one of the first North American tango dancers to have been invited to teach and perform at a festival in Buenos Aires (Pulpo's Tango Week).
More than simply a musical and technical performer of many Argentine Tango styles, he deeply enjoys creating unexpected moments and pieces for audiences. As a teacher, Nick displays his extensive knowlegde and experience of professional and social dancing with great dynamism and humor.
Nick first picked up the bandoneon in 2002.  “From the first note, playing the bandoneon is a visceral experience.  It is the only instrument I have ever played, that makes me need to play it.” 
Initially using the instrument to improve his musicality in dancing and to expand his knowledge of the inner working of tango music, it soon expanded into playing live shows for other people to dance to.  Over the years he has organized 4 different ensembles that culminated in the Orquesta Natural Tango. Since then he has focused on polishing the sound and building the repertoire of the Orquesta.  “When the orchestra plays, I want the dancers to go crazy!  Tango is fantastic, energizing, alive and dynamic.  We often loose site of this when listening to the old scratchy recordings.  The orchestra brings tango back to vibrancy.”
Nick also holds a degree in Creative Writing. He is also an accomplished painter.

Class language: Spanish, English
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Raquel & Ricardo Lang

We discovered Raquel & Ricardo through their didactically well-done and beautifully danced tutorial videos on the internet, and it soon became clear that we wanted to invite them to teach at the camp.

Raquel: "I have been dancing since I can walk. I started ballet at the age of four, tried many solo dances. In 2003 I met Tango Argentino, and immediately fell in love with it dancing it daily. Since 2005 I teach Tango. In 2009 Ricardo and I went to Buenos Aires to improve my technique and simply to live, breathe and dance where the Tango was born. For one year we practiced every day, took classes with renown teachers and - of course - danced through the night. Many Milongas invited us for shows. Back in Cologne, we reopened our Tango school, but also taught on festivals in Germany and abroad.
I love to inspire people for Tango, to support them in finding their own style. Also, in Bs As I was stoked by the Pilates method. This wholistic body training helped me to improve my posture by harmonising and strengthening my body, to sharpen my body awareness and to minimize my muscular imbalances. Since September 2017 I am a certified Pilates bodymotion trainer for Matwork."

Ricardo: "Couple dances were always part of my life. As a young man I was intensively dancing Salsa for nine years. But it was only when I discovered the world of Tango in 2001 that I had found 'my' dance. The more intensive I dealt with Tango for teaching it, the smoother it became for me. Since 2004 I dance, practice and work with Raquel. We gave lessons and danced shows in Germany as well as abroad, worked as coaches on the film set and, also, danced ourselves into the finals of the 2009 world championships in Buenos Aires.
In my lessons I am inspired to take care for the individual needs of the learners. It thrills me to see dancers advance in their process. The Tango needs some patience indeed, but the joy of dancing it doesn't necessarily depend on the dancing level. Tango is great fun from the very beginning."

"Our classes: We focus on elegance in connection with a precise technique. We are very accurate, but also very patient and the class atmosphere is usually easy and with fun."

Class language: German, English
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge


Jasminka Stenz

Tango turned her into a dancer.
It was first the music of tango and then the dance itself that made me dance. I dived deeply into the world of tango in Basel. Its passion brought me to the point of life where I decided to get a professional dancer.

Contact Improvisation is a wonderful dance working with the physical contact between you and your partner. Contact Improvisation is a process in which you learn, forget, accept, realise, digest and release. It's basically about open observation in the dance without judging. Can I allow, can I let go, let the dance and the movement grow? By impovising I get the chance to learn something about myself: how do I act, how perform.
Using different body work techniques we will raise awareness for our body tensions and how to use them more intentional. Thus, we train our bodies through body perception.
We will deal with basic elements of contact improvisation such as following the point of contact (slide, roll, reach), weight (sharing the weight, leaning and falling), physical listening (leading and following), centre (centre-to-centre connection and lifts). I am looking forward to you!

Class language: German, English
Privates: ... Euro +10 Euro surcharge