PHANTASTango! Performance Company

You want to discover your very personal way of expressing the Tango?
You prefer to be part of the scene rather than being a spectator?

Then our Performance Company might be right be just the right thing for you - culminating in the great group experience of staging your work at the ball surprise!
In a dynymic group work as well as a close teamwork between you tango dancers the fun of the dance and its expression will be in the focus!

The tango secrets

If you dance tango, then you know: No matter how long and how often you dance, it remains a journey of discovery. With new mysteries, extra layers, revealed secrets and experiences that can leave a deep impression.
Taking part in a longer and more intensive process such as a performance group gives you the chance to give your tango experience an extra dimension.
Ezequiel & Lydia give you the opportunity to look for the secrets of tango under the guidance of experienced dancers and choreographers.
Theater experience is not necessary, but an open and investigative attitude.

With whom

Ezequiel Sannuci & Lydia Müller are professional choreographer specialist in Contemporary Tango. They created many tango dance theater piece that were performed with a lot of success in well-known international festival in Europe and Latin America. During 4 days you can work with them in a research that will take you into a journey of self discovery.

The theme is about the personal contact that attracts people to dance tango and the essence of this beautiful dance.
Sometimes it seems as if we mainly have contacts with people through the internet. As if we have to make an explicit effort to experience a living and possibly physical contact. Does the Argentinian tango offer the opportunity to experience a deeper personal contact? Is dance a remedy for stress and burn-outs?

How does this contact works within tango? Is it the non-verbal communication of the tango that makes the dance so attractive? Is tango a way to be in the here and now? Or is it perhaps even a trip to a different time and place? For example to Buenos Aires from the 1940s?
In short: what is the essence and what are the secrets of tango, for you and for the others? What is hidden behind the tango steps?

For whom

Are you curious by nature, involved, full of passion for tango and would you like to experience the process from creation to an actual performance in a group with other dancers?
Are you open to share in the experiences of broadly trained dancers and choreographers with a worldwide, extensive track record?
Do you want to add an extra layer to your tango, which will make your dance much richer and connect it with the essence of your own inner needs for dancing?
Then this is an opportunity you don't want to miss!

Video Trailer

Tango Trip
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Tango Trip (longer version)

Our rehearsals will be from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 to 10 pm.
We will show our performance on the Participant's Ball Surprice on Saturday 11 pm.

Fee & registration:
25.00 Euro per Person for the entire performance work
subscription in our online registration system! 

If you want to learn more about this subject we warmly recommend also to take part in our workshop about "Tango & Contakt Improvisation"!