Our idea...

For many years we have been looking forward like little kings to the most beautiful, craziest and simply greatest week of the year - which is better than Christmas, Easter and birthday on the same day - on PHANTASTango!

The focus is the idea of having a camp together with you, in which there is plenty of space for new ideas, personal experiences and a wonderful time together. Simple and down-to-earth - in a tent or motorhome.

The whole thing should also be affordable for a small budget. That's why the PHANTASTango! summer camp is supported by all participants. The daily tasks such as cooking, breakfast, cleaning and washing up are shared so that everyone works four times, but can relax and unwind in the rest of the time!

Have you always wanted to dance tango on your summer vacation? Until you drop? Have you always wanted more from tango than just going to classes during daytime and to the ball in the evening? Really get to know a lot of new people without having to take out a loan from your aunt? Then do it!

On our outdoor dance floor you have the opportunity to dance from breakfast until you fall into your sleeping bag - and you are the DJs! The daily tango laboratory is a forum in which you can exchange your ideas about tango. Twice a day, participants offer body work that enriches tango or simply pampers body and soul. If you are a hobby or even professional musician, you can play in our PHANTASTango orchestra, or if you have stage ambitions, you can take part in our performance company. The "Open Space" is open to any spontaneous participant offers.

Of course there are also daily classes with renowned teachers, milonga every evening with great DJs and balls with great orchestras. And if you don't want to dance, the beautiful surrounding invites you to go on excursions, swim, play or just lie in the sun.

Many parents now take the opportunity to visit the camp with their children, who have a great playground in the wide grounds and quickly make friends. We have known many of these children since they hatched from the egg, some even came into being at the camp and some are now great young tango dancers themselves! Our camp is open to everyone from 0-100 - for young people who are still in training there is a big discount and a special invitation to help shape and develop the camp according to your wishes!

You are also welcome in our community if you are just starting to dance tango - because today's beginners might be our favorite dancers of tomorrow? We not only have a special program for beginners, but also our own booking quota for the places that are always booked out very quickly.

So, dear ones - this year too, we are grateful for all of your ideas and offers that will make the camp even more beautiful, colorful, interesting and a feel-good place for everyone! Let's get in touch!