PHANTASTango! Performance Company

You want to discover your very personal way of expressing the Tango?
You prefer to be part of the scene rather than being a spectator?

Then our Performance Company might be right be just the right thing for you - culminating in the great group experience of staging your work at the ball surprise!
In a dynymic group work as well as a close teamwork between you tango dancers the fun of the dance and its expression will be in the focus!

Instant Composition
This workshop opens up ways and possibilities to compose a performance out of nothing. We discover our own movement potential in small solos, draw from different movement qualities and dynamics, discover our wealth of ideas and expand our creative repertoire.
Elements of contact improvisation and also small choreographic sequences flow into partner and group elements - this creates an improvisation in and with the room. The possibility of constantly changing the images and scenes, the "not knowing" and the spontaneity "acting from the gut" spice up the mindful interaction in the group.
Live musicians are cordially invited to accompany the workshop and the performance!

Gabriele Koch
is a dancer and teacher and has been working in the fields of contemporary dance, improvisation and contact improvisation for over 20 years. Through constant curious research, experimentation and exchange with others, she deepens her knowledge and constantly develops her own new ideas.
She is experienced in the development and co-creation of entire dance pieces on the basis of improvisation - in theaters and urban non-places such as industrial wastelands or the Berlin subway. All of her love is for dance as a symbol of life.

Reharsal Times
Our rehearsals will be from Tuesday to Saturday from 8 to 10 pm.
We will show our performance on the Participant's Ball Surprice on Saturday 11 pm.

Fee & registration
28.00 Euro per Person for the entire performance work
subscription in our online registration system!