Environmental Protection

How does a Tangocamp concern to environmental protection?
We believe - a whole lot!

Curiously, the Pfännerhall as our beloved event location is inextricably linked to the mining of brown coal and industrial CO2 emissions. For this reason - or precisely because of this - it is particularly important to us not to harm our environment with our camp, but perhaps even to foster it.

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Certificate "Sustainable Festival"
We are constantly educating ourselves about environmental protection and are striving for certification as a "sustainable festival" in the next few years! www.agreenerfestival.com

We cook mostly plant-based!
A large part of the greenhouse gas emissions is due to industrial factory farming - the resulting methane has a much higher greenhouse effect than CO2! That's why we cook super delicious with mostly plant-based products from regional and organic cultivation!
Bonus: We avoid a lot of animal suffering!

We avoid and separate waste!
Not that easy at a festival... When shopping, we make sure to avoid senseless packaging waste wherever possible!
We separate waste for recycling - you are also asked here! Please dispose of your rubbish only where it belongs!

We clean with biodegradable products!
You want to know more about this: We recommend the book "Book "Five home remedies replace a drugstore"

We print on recycled paper
A small contribution to environmental protection: We print our flyers and calendars on recycled paper at an ecologically certified printer!

We encourage ridesharing!
Together to the PHANTASTango! driving is even more fun!
You can offer rides on our Facebook group: www.facebook.com/groups/phantastango

We encourage traveling by public transport!
You can rent small, practical pop-up tents for 2 people from us - and save on luggage! For every journey by train we invite you to a glass of sparkling wine - just show your ticket at the bar!

We reforest!
With the arrival of guests and artists, our camp causes CO2. That's why we plant trees on the Pfännerhalll site every year - you can donate to this when you register!
The more money comes together - the more and the bigger trees we can plant! Bonus: More shady spots on the campsite!

For the future: cisterns and solar energy
For the next few years we want to support the construction of rainwater cisterns and solar systems in the Pfännerhall!