Tango holiday + sleeping bag + camping mat + backcountry camping + campfires + dancing + "ph"antastic DJs + cooking together + Villa Villekulla + Woodstock + learning from each other + classes + swimming + flooded former strip mining area + pampas + lying in the sun + machine hall + day trips + biking + inline skating + live music + low budget + yoga + headstands + backflips + foot + volley + ball + badminton + chilling out + enjoying oneself + tango dreamers!



Dear tango dreamers,
again we have set up a spectacular program for you!

Clarisa Aragón & Jonathan Saavedra
Cristina & Homer Ladas
Thomas & Catalina Lotte-Fooken
Jasminka Stenz
Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza

Welcome Ball: Orquesta Pasional
Fare Well: El Cachivache

Circus Night:
As a special treat you will find our great circus night on Tuesday - our half ball will be preceded by a spectacular circus performance in our wonderful new circus tent! There you can admire and cheer children & adults, artists & musicians, magicians & clowns - all coming from among our participants! Let us know if you'd like to join the show!

As every year we eagerly wait for you ideas and contributions to our tango laboratory, body work, DJing, orchestra and performance company and many more!

Online registration will open the 1.4.2017 at 0:00 clock! Than hurry up to cach a place! Whoever is here for the first time can already create a login and enter his personal data.

Longing to see you soon,
Mirjam & Andreas !!!

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