Tango holiday + sleeping bag + camping mat + backcountry camping + campfires + dancing + "ph"antastic DJs + cooking together + Villa Villekulla + Woodstock + learning from each other + classes + swimming + flooded former strip mining area + pampas + lying in the sun + machine hall + day trips + biking + inline skating + live music + low budget + yoga + headstands + backflips + foot + volley + ball + badminton + chilling out + enjoying oneself + tango dreamers!



Dear tango dreamers,
We look forward to you at11th Phantastango! Summer Camp from 22 to 31 July 2016!

PHANTASTango! Highlights 2016:
Quinteto Beltango
La Greda
Collectif Roulotte Tango
PHANTASTango! Orchester

PHANTASTango! Performance Company

PHANTASTango! Masters 2016:
Rocío Lequio & Bruno Tombari
Maja Petrović & Marko Miljević
Laura Rodriguez & Maximiliano Diaz Yahnel
Jasminka Stenz
(Tango & Contact Improvisation)
Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Beginners)

The camp is complete for ladies. On Friday 22 April we will cancel all registrations that were not payed in time. For that reason some places might become vacant.

We'd be happy if you would like to support the camp with a tango laboratory, bodywork or open offers, as DJs, godparents for camp newbies or for tango beginners, with child car or by helping us building up or taking down the camp.
Just let us know during your online registration!

Phantastango! Photo Calendar 2016
The new calendar (A5 standing desk calendars) has arrived!
Here is a small preview (8.1 MB)!
Orders (at the price of 18, - Euro) stating your shipping address are still possible via info@phantastango.de!

Longing to see you soon,
Mirjam & Andreas !!!

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