Dear TangoPHANTASTs,
it is a crazy year and the pandemic is not yet over. We miss you sorely - and we are grateful for the encouragement and the solidarity we have experienced from you!

Thanks for your donations!
We thank you with all our heart for your generous donations! With your donations we could not only continue our work but also support our artists, our team and our landlord Zentralwerkstatt Pfännerhall!
If you would like to support our project further, you will find our "simplified donation receipt" with our bank details here!

Bank details & donation receipt

PHANTASTANGO! Online Edtion 2020
In the week when the camp would have actually taken place, we met with our booked artists and many fans online at Zoom. If you missed that, you can find the recording on our Facebook page!

PHANTASTANGO! calendar 2021
A year without a camp - that is bad - but a year without a calendar should not exist! Therefore we want to publish a calendar again this year, which shows how you are doing, what you are doing instead, what you miss, what you are looking forward to! Therefore send us your picture - self painted, self photographed - but not stolen! Then you'll get a PHANTASTango! calendar just in time for Christmas, which will bring a little light into this tango-free year!

16th International PHANTASTango! summer camp

The date for the next camp has been fixed (a long time ago, because PHANTASTango! always takes place in the last full week of July) - and of course we hope that by then so much normality will have returned to our lives that nothing stands in the way of that.
All artists booked for this year are then of course cordially invited!
As promised and as a thank you for your support and your loyalty, we will open the registration for all donors 2 weeks before the the booking process regularly starts, so that you can be sure of a place in the camp.

Dear ones, stay healthy, keep the Tango in your heart and hopefully see you soon!
Best wishes from Mirjam and Andreas!

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