Lots of tangueras & tangueros with their children take the opportunity to dance in Pfaennerhall. The huge area, lots of playmates and the mutual help amongst the parents make the camp a fantastic place for kids.

We very much appreciate any sort of 'self-help' and will support it wherever we can!

Mini Camp
Parents with kids can group their tents around the children's tent, the trampolin and the wading pool. We hope this will make it easier to find your playmates, to communicate with other parents and - maybe - better organize a shared child care resulting in a better community feeling for all.

Parents & Children Meeting
Sun 18th July 2010 11 a.m.

At the beginning of the camp we invite you to meet other parents and other kids and to get in touch to each other. There we can change ideas, make plans and (if you want) put rules for beeing together.

If you want to offer childcare - let us know :-) Generally childcare should be mutual and for free.

But if you can offer some special activities or if you need a nanny for babies we would like to help you finding low budget prices.

If you have any idea to make Phantastango a better place for kids, get in touch with us!