Tango holiday + sleeping bag + camping mat + backcountry camping + campfires + dancing + "ph"antastic DJs + cooking together + Villa Villekulla + Woodstock + learning from each other + classes + swimming + flooded former strip mining area + pampas + lying in the sun + machine hall + day trips + biking + inline skating + live music + low budget + yoga + headstands + backflips + foot + volley + ball + badminton + chilling out + enjoying oneself + tango dreamers!





+++ still some vacant places for male dancers +++

Dear tango dreamers,
from Friday 24th to Sunday 26th July we will have Antonio Cristiano, tango shoemaker from Barcelona, among our guests in the camp. There he will take your measures and ship your custum-made shoes in your personal design for sensational prices between 120 and 160 Euro and cash prepayment of 50%.
Enjoy your PHANTASTango souvenir,

Longing to see you all soon!
Love and greetings from Mirjam & Andreas

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