Sound Workshop for Tango DJs

Sunday, 20/7/2014 6-8pm with Arne Kuehr (Gießen)

A good sound for the milonga - that's a never-ending topic. Some of it is a myth, other things sound incredibly complicated. But a well-tuned sound system and a good preparation can avoid problems and - even better - enhance your DJing by a great sound.
And, of course, a clear and well-balanced sound can inspire dancers even more... 

How to do it and also how to operate a mixer or an equalizer skillfully (... and what that is and what it does...) will be subject of this lesson. All explanations will be easily understandable even for laymen. Nevertheless, this class is also suitable for experienced DJs who want to improve their workflow and to bring THE bit more into their djing.
So, play up, DJs! No previous knowledge necessary.

Arne Kuehr is a guitar player, hi-fi enthusiast and tango aficionado and has been experimenting for years with sound and recording technics. And by the way, he is also our man for a smooth sound at the milongas, live balls and performances of the big PHANTASTango! orchestra.