Frequently Asked Questions

How can I register for the fun?
Is there a real chance at all?
Yes, you've got a pretty good chance of grabbing a place if you log on promptly at 00:00 on 1st April. Even if this might not be your best time of the day, you're sharing this moment with hundreds of Tango addicts around the Tango world ;-)

Do I need a login?
Yes, your login remains valid also when you take part again in the years to come. It's best to open your account and have your login ready before registration starts. It safes you precious time ;-).

Can I register together with my partner, e.g. for classes?
Our registration system does not support partner registration. Thus, we cannot guarantee a spot for both of you. But usually our classes are fully booked with a balanced number of both roles, so you can be sure to have a partner in the class. Should there be any problems - talk to us.

Is there a waiting list?
Sorry, we don't run a waiting list. Check our website on a regular basis whether places are available due to cancellations.

I am not a camp participant.
Can I just come and take classes?
Sorry - our classes can only be booked by camp participants.

I did not register for the camp.
May I join the Milongas and Balls?

Evening guests to the milongas and balls are cordially welcome from 10 pm to 5 am and can pay at the door or at the bar.
Please note that evening guests are not allowed to sleep in the camp.

Where can I find or offer a lift?
There is a PHANTASTango Group onFacebook. There you can contact the PHANTA community with all sorts of  topics, also offering/looking for lifts.

I have registered.
Does it matter when or if at all I come to the event?

Yes, it really matters! Because a very important part of the camp are the duties, where we work for each other. If you don't show up without notice, you miss your duty and others have to do the work for you. Due to a fair work balance, we will cancel all noshows after one day who haven't got in contact with us.

What is the checkin for?
By checking you in we know that you really are in the camp (or at least on your way), and you also get your binding camp schedule with duties and classes.
Our easy-checkin facility opens one day before the camp starts in our online-registration and can also be used on our public computers. By your personal print out then you will get your PHANTASTango wristband.
If you are new to the camp and have questions, or you do have open balance on your account then please see us at the office for checkin. We're looking forward to welcoming you!

Is the fee refunded if I need to cancel the camp?
Please check our conditons for cancellations (prices). The cancellation fee can be up to 100% of your bookings denpending on the time. Please read before booking and consider taking a travel cancellation insurance.

Can I still book classes during the camp?
Yes, our online registration is open until the end of the camp for your additional bookings (unless classes are complete)!

Can I jump into a class for free if a follower/leader is missing?
We value the work of our teachers and, also, we believe that even an experienced dancer can profit from their skills and knowledge. Thus, for us payment is part of that appreciation.
If a leader or a follower is missing at the beginning of a class, teachers can supplemenary inscribe you into the class at half price.
Beginners Godparents can join our beginner classes for free, if partners are missing.

What does it mean to be a beginner's godparent?
Help our tango beginners to have a good start into the tango community - e.g. with an open ear, some tips and tricks or a nice dance - especially during our "easy hour" every second day from 10 to 11 pm.
As a beginner's godparent you can join the beginner classes for free if partners are missing.
We will first meet on our beginner's welcome meeting on the first Saturday after the beginner class in the small hall.

What does it mean to be a godfather/godmother for a camp newbie?
Being in the camp for the first time, you could sometimes feel a bit lost. A camp old-timer can maybe do something good for your start.
We start with little camp tour on Saturday (outside dancefloor).

Is this a Tango camp or a kids holiday camp?
PHANTASTango! was born as a camp for passionate dancers, but meanwhile quite a bunch of kids belong to our big family. Maybe sometimes these sweeties are getting on your nerves, or suddenly you need to comfort a crying child, which is looking for its parents. Is that okay for you?

Can I contribute to the camp with my ideas?
Yes, please! We support your ideas as far as we can on the condition that they are non-commercial and open for all participants. See also 'Contribution'. Depending on effort you have, you might even get a little discount or one duty less.

Can I also make a commercial offer in the camp?
Generally not, we want to support a mutual exchange without money. Also for babysitting, by the way. We only allow a few exceptional offers such as massages or shoe vending if you contact us beforehand.

Is there a full catering in the camp?
We provide an ample brunch and an opulent warm dinner, which is included in the price. In between you buy cake or a little snack in our Tango caf�.

I am a vegetarian/ vegan.
I am suffering from a food intolerance.

We do what we can do! Normally we provide food for carnivorians, vegetarians, vegans as well as dancers with lactosis and gluten intolerances.
But please understand that we cannot fulfill all wishes. In case of other intolerances we might ask you to augment our meals with your own groceries.

How can I drink enough during the day?
We do now have a special drinking water tap beside the kitchen tent, where you always can get drinkable water. You can buy a special PHANTASTango! water bottle, which is also a nice souvenir. Unnamed water bottles will removed...
For breakfast we provide coffee, tea and juice, all other drinks, also for dinner, can be bought either at the bar or the Tango caf�.

My kids have a different diurnal rhythm from tango dancers.
Are there an earlier meals?
We help you to organise an early breakfast or dinner for your children. Please understand that these extra meals are only for children and cannot be so opulent as our normal meals.

What about accomodation?
Single night and package fees include a place for your own tent or caravan.
Further we offer places in our dormitory or tents for rent for a surcharge. There your kids and up to 1 adult can register as travelmates for free.
In every case please bring your own matrass and sleeping bag.
Of course you can book an external accomodation on your own.

Is there power supply for my camper van?
No, please do not plug in your caravan on your own, since power supply for caravans is not included in our contract with the Pfaennerhall.

Where can I find a silent spot?
Good question.... To be honest - not really, since many people come to PHANTASTango! to meet others. For community's sake we ask you see the camp ground, the dormitory as well as the front and back area of the hall as a quiet zone. Always and also for the kids.
If you really look for solitude, then it might be a good way to go for a walk through the meadows or to the lake.

Are my valuables safe in the camp?
Of course, we cannot really guarantee that. So, take care for your stuff and consider beforehand what is really necessary.
We let a (very) limited number of lockers. Also, you can store valuables in the Pfaennerhall office, but it is not always open.

Is there WiFi in the camp?
Yes, there is an open WiFi and two public computers, but we cannot guarantee a permanent access to the internet. In order to work on important administrative tasks, it might be necessary to shut down the WiFi for an indefinite time.

Where can I charge my electric devices?
We provide a public charging station in the 'Open Space'. Please do not in any case unplug any cables in the Pfaennerhall!

Can I leave my towel in the bathroom?
The camp hosts about 250 participants plus 60 children - unfortunately, there is simply not enough space in the bathrooms for drying your towel there. Please take all your hygiene utensils with you when you leave the shower.
Leaving your stuff in the shower means in PHANTASTango! 'language', you provide it for public use.

I forgot something in the camp.
Can you send me my lost properties?
No, that's impossible for us, since we all leave the Pfaennerhall after the camp!
But, the Pfaennerhall staff kindly to collects all found properties, they can send it to you for a donation of 20.00 Euro to the Pfaennerhall association. Contact: