PHANTASTango! Orchestra

This year we will have our phantastic phantastango orchestra again, in which you can participate! There will be some pros, but it is especially an opportunity for us dancers that also play an instrument (or sing)  to relate to tango in a new (and very exciting) way.

Our goal will be to have a great time together playing tango music and to perform 6 to 8 pieces at the participants ball surprice on Saturday night.

  Arne Kühr
is guitarist and artistic director of the tango band "Sacale Punta".
In an introductory workshop he will guide you into a good mood for a relaxed and pleasurable interaction in the orchestra. At the end he will prepare you for the concert with some important tricks for dealing with stage fright and the sensible use the miking.
As your sound engineer he will care for a gould stage sound and provide you with a recording of the concert as a nice souvenir!

Max Peschek
is guitarist to and founding member of the Tango Community Orchestra Bremen.
He is the leader of the PHANTASTango! Orchestra for many years now. He will not just care for the arrangements and all necessary prepatation, but will also lead the rehearsals and impart his huge musical knowledge and experience.

Price & Registration:
25.00 Euro for all musical classes & rehearsals!
Use our registration system for booking!

Class Schedule:

Sat   12:00   Interplay in an Orchestra   El Flete / El Choclo
Sun   10:00   Biagi: Marcato & Legato   Yuyo Verde / Humillación
Mon   12:00   Fresedo: Phrasing   Buscandote / Tigre viejo
Tue   10:00   Lomuto: Dynamic   Si soy así / Quiero verte una vez más
Wed   12:00   Milonga: Groove & Improvisation   Milonga de Buenos Aires
Thu   10:00   Vals: Arrangements   Corazon de Oro / Flores de Alma
Fri   12:00   Finetuning, excitement & relaxation    
Sat   10:00   The best use of microphons    
Sat   20:00   Soundcheck    
Sat   00:00   Show :-)    

Additional Resource:
Canaro: Hotel Victoria
D’Arienzo: Paciencia

All preparation material (arrangements, leadsheets, lyrics and mp3's) as well as the recordings of your performance will be provided after your registration.

Please be sensitive to copyright issues. Some of the arrangements are provided for this event only. If you want to use them in another context, please ask the providers for permission (some can also be obtained). So please do not pass them on - it takes a lot of work and effort to produce the arrangements and we want to support the friendly people that make it possible to play this wonderful music!

If you are in the mood for doing more, you are invited to organize other smaller ensembles.

E-Mail (Max + PHT-Team):
Max: Phone +49 421 73 210 Mobile +49 160 84 12 699

We want to thank in advance to all parties concerned and wish you a joyfull rehearsals, wunderfull music and a great time together!