Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.)

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

Every evening there is a lab in the main hall. Parallel a body work lab takes place in the small hall - with tango-related topics. 

The lab is free for all camp participants!

Main Hall

Body Work
Small Hall

Fri 22.7.2016
Christiane Fenge
Fair(y) Play - Playing together
Tango is improvisation, that's quite clear. But, if he leads and she follows - is then only he improvising? And she!? How can both improvise together and still dance as a harmonic couple?
Following actively, giving space in leading, listening, feeling, playing together, these will be the keywords in this "Fairy play"!

Jasminka Stenz
Start your camp and - dance!
Jasminka will take on a playful journey via your body awareness and improvisation games to a liberating dance.
Nothing but curiosity is needed and the wish to balance body and mind. A wonderful come together for a good start into a wonderful Phantastango festival!

Sat 23.7.2016
Ina Zinkernagel
Freedom for your feet!!
Who plays with whose feet? You with mine, I with yours or ...
In any case we need a stable axis in order to play with our free foot. Freedom out of stability is the aim of this lab!

Katrin Schönemann
How does the knowlegde about and visualization of body structures, organs, tissue and development principles affect the character of movements?
What does a movement feel like (and look like) after having dealt with bones or the heart?
Katrin is a doctor and her bodywork is inspired by methods such as Feldenkrais, Yoga, BodyMindCentering, Authentic Movement and others.

Sun 24.7.2016
Zoe Stella
Swinging Lindy Hop
Fancy trying something completely new? What about Lindy Hop - the root of all swing dances? Born out of the Charleston and the Step in the US of the 30s, it is also the forefather of Jive, Boogie-Woogie and the acrobatic Rock'n'Roll! Let's swing!
  Deert Jacobs
Foot Reflexology Massage
Through the intentional stimulation of different zones of our feet's soles, we can harmonize and relax corresponding organs and limbs. E.g. the instep of the foot is in contact with our both our back and spine.

Mon 25.7.2016
Andrea Savage
We explore the body spirals in Tango! From figures via technique to the sense of it all.

Uta Büchler
Body-Mind Centering®

Using relaxing movements together with mindful touching, we focus ourselves inward enabling us to release of both our muscles and the soft part of our torso. In Tango, we are often focussed on the partner, the steps, the space and the music. But here, we want to explore the other side. This can smoothen our dance gifting us with a soft and easy posture as well as an organic body feeling.

Tue 26.7.2016
Maximiliano Diaz Yahnel
Chacarera for Beginners
Argentina's folk dance N° 1 is danced in paired rows, it is jolly and happy carrying musical traces of the wild Flameco and roaring Pampa bulls...

Elke Bartsch
Head and Face Massage
9 1/2 days and nights of dancing Tango - that makes us happy but also tired. Our scalp and face do both have a lot of muscles and nerves which being gently touched make us roll our eyes with joy and - give us energy for more fine dances. Please come in couples and bring (facial) creme and a matress.

Wed 27.7.2016
Laurenz Wiskott
El Pulpo
Playing with our legs in a melange of Barridas, Ganchos and Enganches. The leg gets caught and led through the air.

Alexander Heidgen
Alexander Technique for Tango Dancers
Our body as source of our well-being, as an ambassador of the dance between leading and following. We will learn basic exercises of the Alexander Technique: Body Mapping, relaxed and upright standing and walking. Leading and passing. From the inner touch to the movement. The class includes individual exercises as well as for couples.

Thu 28.7.2016
Danièl Lentz
Tango in no space
Being together in the space, the skill to improvise, floorcraft, leading, following - all sorts of tiny gimmicks and embellishment....
  Monica Peri
Tango - A Love Ritual
It is very common among couples who dance Tango to have problems such as jealousy, learning stress, misaligned energy, loss of the beat...
Is Tango the responsible for them?
We believe it is not. Tango has the power to genuinely show us any kind of relationship problem. Tango leaves you exposed. Bodies do not lie.
Through its method, Psicotango enables participants to know themselves and their strong and weak points. This allows them to encounter their dancing partners willing to share a healthy and happy space.

Fri 29.7.2016
Markus Richter
Colgadas - The Queen of Tango
Exciting "I-lean-myself-out-of-axis" figures in (almost) any position. Here you will learn what is the core of (modern) Tango: Scenes from "Go away... and come back now!" (Colgadas with Volcada exit). And as the king of figures the backward Colgada. Not difficult - but extremly difficult ;-) since some practice is needed!
So, if you like queens and kings and, moreover, want to know what all that has to do with 'the lou" then you're just right here - of course with a certain Bavarian touch!

Katja Reimann
Vinyasa Yoga - Twists out of the core body
Twists out of the core body are an importang part of the Yoga exercise. In everyday life we tend to twist in our cervical spine, but concentrate less on the twists from our corre. In Tango we call theses twists dissociation - today you will learn about this concept from a new point of view.

Sat 30.7.2016
Eric Ludmann
Silent Tango ... psssst!
A silent laboratory, without words but lots of communication. What is realy important in Tango, for whom it is tom much blabla on the dancefloor....? In this lab we will enjoy the silent moments. Come in great numbers, BUT DO NOT PASS IT ON!

Jana Voll
Foot Yoga
Elements of the Anusara Yoga with special focus on our feet which carry us through this world day by day and - enable us to dance this wonderful dance which we love.