We warmly invite beginners to join us into the realm of the PHANTASTango and to learn the first steps of the Argentine Tango.
If you are a beginner and didn't manage to book a place in the camp - contact us!

Moreover, this class is also a good occasion for dancers to get to know the opposite role!

Mirjam Trepte
Max Peschek
Sabine Zubarik
Jörg Müller

Mirjam dances and teaches in Halle. She successfully finished the master class with Gerrit Schueler and Michael Domke in Bremen. Mirjam is not primarily interested in difficult steps, but in a precise leading and following, that makes dancing respectful, easy and effortless.

Max has been teaching tango since 1992 and has its own tango studio "La Boca" in Bremen. His dance and his teaching is characterized by a deep and affectionate respect for his partner and with by his humorous and sensitive nature. Numerous trainings, especially with Mauricio Castro and Gustavo Naveira, form the basis for his well-founded lessons in all styles, from classical salon tango up to the modern tango nuevo. From 2011 he offers a tango teachers education.

Sabine and Joerg have mainly been teaching in Erfurt in the Tango Argentino e.V (local Tango society) for some years. In their teaching, they focus as well on broad and solid basics making both the leading and the following very harmonic as on the joy of dancing which is beside all technique is very important.

From the very first steps on they want to teach the Tango as a dance of improvisation that students are easily able to individually put together the different elements in a very individual way. Beside that floorcraft is an important part of the classes.