Evelyn Rivera & Esteban Cortez (Montevideo)
Frauke Nees & Filippo Avignonesi (Rom/Karlsruhe) Adriana Pegorer
Chantal Imboden & Sebastian Tkocz
Steffi Adler & Tobias Funke (Bremen) Paras Saghi & Paul Vossen (Utrecht)

Evelyn Rivera & Esteban Cortez (Montevideo)

"We dance investigating the way of the new dynamics that today are known as "Tango Nuevo". We want people to live and understand our style. For us the dance of tango is comfortable, dynamic, expressive, and among two. That is today our way."

Currently, Evelyn Rivera and Esteban Cortez are the most famous artistic tango couple in Uruguay. Coming from different schools (she began as a classical dancer and he got his start in the folk world), their way of dancing and teaching tango demonstrates the concepts they have acquired from various dance masters.

From Montevideo, a city that along with Buenos Aires is the capital of the Tango, Evelyn and Esteban have deeply studied the tango dance and put forth all of their passion and professionalism while experimenting and taking classes with Argentine and Uruguayan masters.

Their evolution in the study of tango has allowed them to find a characteristic way of feeling and transmitting the dance. This is how Evelyn and Esteban turn their study over to teaching. In their lessons, they deepen their understanding of the tango and its technique and search for correct body position in harmony with the music in their students.

This way of teaching, the NEW TANGO style, has gained them a very good reputation in the tango world. Evelyn's youth, strength and creativity meet with Esteban's knowledge and experience to bring the tango to its maximum expression. They have been invited to take their knowledge and magical dancing around the world.


Frauke Nees & Filippo Avignonesi (Rom/Karlsruhe)

"Tango is Tango, without putting itself stylistic limitations - neither old nor new - neither in dance nor in teaching. What is very important for me in my lessons is that you learn both in classes and in dance to have fun together."

Filippo is based in Rome, Italy. For 10 years he has been teaching workshops and danced shows in Italy, France, the U.S.A., Germany, Japan, Portugal, Sweden, Cyprus, England, Ukraine and Russia.
He has partnered with Alejandra Gutty, Emilia Cerutti, Eliana Sanchez, Francesca del Buono, Valencia Batiuk, Samantha di Paolo, Anna Maria Ferrara, Natalia Ochoa and several other accomplished dancers.

In Buenos Aires he learned from well over 100 different teachers and then developed his own teaching concept for which he is now sought after around the world. Because of his didactical abilities, he's especially requested for workshops and is also part of the teaching staff of Alejandra Mantiñan. Filippo is fluent in Italian, English, German, Spanish and also speaks some Russian.

Frauke is a psychologist and works as coach, trainer and consultant. She connects the different souls in her breast by being active both in psychology and in dance and theater, and by living both in Germany and in Argentina.
Leonardo from Ocho in Stuttgart about Frauke: " An experienced tango dancer who learnt the essence of the tango in Buenos Aires from the greatest maestros, she dances excellent to the music and smooth." And a student: "She is a storyteller and when she's dancing she arouses sleeping forces and desires."


Adriana Pegorer
(London )
Stage Tango and Participiciant's Performance

Adriana Pegorer is an independent dance artist interested in the interweaving of forms. Born in Italy, where she competed as an athlete, she moved to the UK in 1995 and graduated in Dance & Related Arts at Chichester University in 2001.

Mainly trained with Thomas Kampe (contact improvisation), Masaki Iwana (Japanese butoh), Carlos Gavito (tango argentino) she also took various intensive workshops with Rick Nodine, K.J. Holmes, Deborah Hay, Pablo Veron and Katsura Kan amongst others.

Winner of the Lea Anderson Choreographic Award for her dancefilm "Double One" (tango & Jungian symbolism) and recipient of ACE award.

She presented several experimental works mixing choreography with improvisation, video and installation. Further she performed in Marta E. Savigliano's "Wallflowers and Femme Fatales" at Harvard University (Boston) and presented her own research at "Body, Movement and Dance in Global Perspective" (Hong Kong).

Adriana presented "TangoContact" in London and New York as an experimental attempt of merging tango with contact improvisation. Two shows followed in Resolution and the formation of "TangoRelease". "Tango Release" aims to draw from release based techniques principles (such as Skinner, Feldenkrais, Franklin, Rolfing, Aikido etc) and apply them to tango for developing a more subtile and integrative approach to movement.

Recent projects include "La Boca Tango", co-ordinating "60x60 Dance London" and "Instant Composition".
She teaches in various settings including schools, universites and community organizations. She also teaches Pilates and is currently organizing inclusive tango sessions (tailored for people with visual impairment) at Club Italia in London.


Chantal Imboden & Sebastian Tkocz (Berlin)

Mirjam about SyC: "I first met Sebastian and Chantal at their "Tango-anatomy"weekend in their studio in Berlin (together with Guggi Zuzakova). I came there filled with fundamental questions (eg how can I dance without getting back pain ... ) and I drove home with a lot of response, great basic exercises and a very euphoric feeling.

Not only in physiological issues of the dance but in questions of communication in tango too both amazed me with fascinating ideas and skills. I have rarely seen such depth of dance knowledge coupled with of real grace in dance. For me, my current tip!"


Steffi Adler & Tobias Funke (Bremen)
Tango and Contact Improvisation

Contact Improvisation is about the active discovery of movement capabilities of two (or more) bodies, about the exploring of all the possibilities to give each other weight, to climb on each other, to roll over each other, and swing with the other.

Tango and Contact Improvisation are two different dance universes with points of contact. we teach "contango" (the combination of this two dance forms) since the end of 2008 in our weekly contango training. We are always discovering new things. What happens when the tango couple breaks the familiar embrace, or changes the traditional roles? How do the contact dancers moves change when he joines the accuracy of the tango, makes use of the music moves or takes up the tango posture?

For Phantastango we prepared the following workshop topics:

An exciting interplay
Body tension - much or little in between?
How much body tension do I use? Can I use variations?
What can I do to influence the body tension of my partner?

Is there a brain-knot free leg play? - but yes!
Delightful playful leg Games
Exploration of movement, centrifugal force and rotation. Liquid exchange of leading and following, to try different roles, dancing at various levels, lifts, organic embrace, continuously changing contact points.

Steffi and Tobias are the founders of the Tango sauce Bremen.


Paras Saghi & Paul Vossen (Utrecht)

After their first cheek-to-cheek tango on a warm spring night in 1999, Paras and Paul haven't been separated for long. They have found many valuable things in all different approaches and styles. Their dance is on a non-stop journey, always changing and evolving. They are teaching since 2003 in their own school and abroad. Next to the techniques and figures (the outer side) they enjoy to work on the inner side: attitude, presence, improvisation, interaction and awareness.

Their main focus is now to create longer tango events in the nature, like the Taboe Camp weeks and Taboe2Chill weekends.
“We love to gather with all these tango-nomads from all around the world in this warm and joyful refuge” in the forest. We make sure everybody is part of the ‘gang’ and feels at home and at ease. We make people play and interact in many unusual ways… this makes the atmosphere in the group so warm and connected.”