Highlights - Balls with Live-Acts:

Saturday 16|7|2011 10pm - 5 am
Opening Ball Trio Centrál
Tuesday 19|7|2011 10pm - 5 am
Halftime Ball Tangofactory
Evelyn & Esteban
Frauke & Filippo
Chantal & Sebastian
Mirjam & Max
Sabine & Jörg
Steffi & Tobias
Friday 22|7|2011 10pm - 5 am
Farewell Ball Puro Apronte
  Saturday 23|7|2011 10pm - 5 am
Participiciants Ball Surprice
Evelyn & Esteban
Frauke & Filippo
Paras & Paul
  Participiciants Performance
PHANTASTango Orchestra
and much more...

Saturday 16|7|2011 10pm - 5 am Opening Ball

Trio Centrál (Buenos Aires / Berlin)

resulted from the collaboration of three musicians in Berlin, dedicating themselves to the Argentine Tango for many years. They all engaged intensively in the music of the Rio de la Plata playing in groups like "Sexteto Stazo Mayor", "Quinteto Ángel", "El Tropezón", "6 Australes" or "Tangocrash" and made their mark with their interpretations in the growing European tango scene.
With the instrumentation of bandoneon, piano and double bass, they go back to the roots of the traditional danced Argentine Tango, but not without giving their music a fresh sound by their own arrangement and interpretation.

Christian Gerber (bandoneon) learned his craft with greats such as JJ Mosalini and A. Marcucci. He plays with his "Quinteto Ángel," the award-winning Electronic Project "Tango Crash" and "Stazo Mayor". Also he is busy in cross-genre projects and concerts of contemporary music, film, stage and studio music (with Herbert Grönemeyer, Roger Cicero, Annett Louisan, or).
Pablo Woizinski (piano) is from Buenos Aires and has lived in Berlin since 2005. He plays in "El Tropezón", "6 Australes", "Quinteto Amortal", "Quinteto Coco Nelegatti" Trio "tangent" and "Stazo Mayor.
Rodolfo Paccapelo (double bass) is also from Buenos Aires, lives and works in Berlin since 2000. Cooperation with musicians such as John Schroeder, Rudi Mahall, Felix Wahner, Georg Pfister, Steve Grossman, Richie and Ralph Towner Beirach.He plays Tango at "6 Australes" and Christian Gerber's "Quinteto Ángel".

Tango Show: Evelyn & Esteban, Frauke & Filippo, Chantal & Sebastian


Tuesday 19|7|2011 10pm - 5 am Halftime Ball

Tangofactory (Electrotango)

The emotion of the classic Tango Argentino hits the pulse of jazz, rock, Drumn'Bass, techno and hip-hop. It's music to dance to!
On the basis of groovy beats and electronic effects and sequencer loops the bandoneon and the saxophone unfold in a melodic dialogue - complementing each other melancholy, sometimes competing brilliantly.
Tango Factory is an acoustic mirror image of a floating pair and an irresistible invitation to dance.

Michael Dolak (bandoneon) plays Tango in many important groups, such Cuarteto Rotterdam, Luis Borda Ensemble, Sabor A Tango, Sexteto Andorinha and Gotan Project (to name just a few ...)
Bertram Quosdorf (saxophone) plays classical and contemporary music, jazz, acid - and Latin jazz. He is director of the award-winning "statt-theater FASSUNGSLOS" (Dresden) and author of interactive music games.

Tango Show: Mirjam & Max, Sabine & Jörg, Steffi & Tobias


Friday 22|7|2011 10pm - 5 am Farewell Ball

Puro Apronte Quartett

Puro Apronte causes quite a stir for years now with virtuoso and powerful adaptions on  tango balls, concerts and shows - dramatic, explosive, and sentimental. Four outstanding musicians with a strong concept. Distinctive are the personal style, an always continuous Tango Pulse inviting to dance,  associated with a high musicality and playfulness.

Puro Apronte was founded in summer 1997 by Peter Reil and Robert Schmidt with the idea of realizing the complexity and intensity of a tango orchestra with four hands. Since 2002, Puro Apronte expanded to a trio and to a quartet since 2008. CDs: "Cuatro Manos con el Tango" 1998, "Confesion Tanguera" 2002 and "Años Tangueros" 2009.

Peter Reil (bandoneon) one of Germany's most famous bandoneon player. Education with Klaus Gutjahr, Rodolfo Mederos, Coco and Juan José Nelegatti Mosalini. Performances with "El Desbande", in duet with Humberto Cosentino and Coco Nelegatti,  with "Tango Real", "El Arranque", "Luis Borda Quartet", "Tango Andorinha Sextet", "Hyperion", "Aisemberg Trio“ and "Sexteto Canyengue.
Robert Schmidt (piano) Internationally experienced tango pianist. After classical studies he played even jazz and free improvisation. Co-founder of the Ensemble "Tango Real". Member of "Tango Real", "Puro Apronte", "Sabor a Tango", "Cuarteto de Oro," "Hyperion," "Septissimo" and more. Solo program "piano tango".
Stephanie Gonsalves (violin) grew up in Buenos Aires, and Barcelona. Classical training, later she discovered the world of tango, now she’s a permanent member of "Sabor a Tango" and "Puro Apronte", further participation in "Andorinha" and "Contra Tiempo".
Winfried Holz Kamp (bass) studied in Cologne and Avellaneda. After his return in 2002 he quickly became a part of the tango scene. "Orquesta Tipica Silencio", "Marcelo Nisinman Duo", "Puro Apronte Trio", "Sabor a Tango" or "676 Nuevo Tango".

Tango Show: Evelyn & Esteban, Frauke & Filippo, Chantal & Sebastian


Saturday 23|7|201 10pm - 5 am1 Participiciants Ball Surprice

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