Body Work

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
Body Work Laboratory daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
Alexander Technique Private Lessons with Sarka Provaznikova

Early Morning Body Work daily 9:00 - 10:00 a.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

Relaxation, body perception, harmonisation and, of course, energy, stretching and balance as a fine start into a another great tango day. Please dress comfortly an bring your camping mat.

Saturday - Monday (16 to 18/07/2011)
Yoga with Martha Lyruga (Aachen)
I am a student in Aachen, dancing tango for almost 3 years and (of course) I am totally in love with the tango feeling. I've been learning Yoga for more than 3 years (Power Yoga, Ashtanga, Yoga Vidya) and I already gave Yoga lessons for groups.
During my time in Buenos Aires, I've frequently participated in the yoga-for-tangueros-hours a DNI and I noticed how the yoga body work can support the tango feeling.
My idea is to combine known exercises with the inspiration from this time to offer gradable yoga basics followed by a deep relaxation, to train body voltage and body awareness even for non experienced people.

Tuesday - Thursday (19-07/21/2011)
VIRYAYOGA – Yoga for dancer! with Ada auf der Strasse (Karlshamm, Sweden)
Viryayoga includes more than 300 asanas (positions) from the classical yoga. In Viryayoga the positions are medically worked through, bio-mechanically rebuilt and divided into three different difficulty levels. Each level builds on the previous one and thus guarantees a gentle approach to the yoga. Even the most difficult positions are possible. The series will be taught fluid and dynamic, a philosophical issue and a special breathing technique complete the holistic approach.
Ada on the street is a qualified choreographer, Tänzerin, trained Viryayoga teacher Cantienica ®-instructor, coordinator of the Nordic Yoga Institute in Stockholm and artistic director for Scenarium - the Center for Yoga and Stage Arts South Sweden on the sea.

Friday - Sunday (22.-24.07.2011)
Feldenkrais and tango with Dirk Steinkamp (Dortmund)
The Argentine tango is ideal for sensitive contact with the partner and improvised movement to music. The Feldenkrais Method promotes body awareness, improved flexibility, fluidity of movements and balance. The lighter, clearer and more pleasant my movements are, the more relaxed, enjoyable and intense is dancing. Tango and Feldenkrais - a perfect pairing!
Dirk Steinkamp is Feldenkrais teacher, works in adult education, translates books on the subject and carries out projects in the field of computer science.


Body Work Laboratory daily 6:30 - 7:30 p.m. small hall
(included in your PHANTASTango fee)

Due to the huge demand for body work in this camp, we have decided to offer a Body Work Laboratory in the small hall parallel to the Tango Laboratory that takes place in the great hall. The program with a daily changing teachers can be found on Laboratory.


Alexander Technique Private Lessons with Sarka Provaznikova (Prague)
(25.00 Euro / 30 minutes)

The Alexander Technique is a unique form of health education which will teach you to become more aware of posture and movement problems that interfere with everyday life. It can help with:
- Managing back, neck and shoulder problems
- Handling stress
- Enhancing performance
- Improving balance
- Regulating breathing

What happens in a lesson? Sarka employs clear explanations and a gentle touch in each one-on-one session. The lessons involve simple movements and techniques to improve balance, coordination, and help release excess tension, as well as focusing on particular problems. Give it a try!

Sarka Provaznikova is an experienced and skillful teacher of the Alexander Technique, having completed three year training at the Alexander Technique College in Brighton, UK. 
She first discovered the Alexander Technique through her interests in dance, movement theatre, tai chi and yoga, and after having suffered for many years from back problems. The Alexander Technique helped her to such an extent that she was motivated to become a teacher and share the technique with others.  The technique has also helped her to learn tango and to better adapt her body to the dance. 
She runs a private practice in Prague and works with dancers, musicians, actors, and others who seek to benefit from greater awareness and more healthful treatment of their bodies.