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Our classes are exclusive for our camp bookers.

Beg - Beginners, I - Intermediate, A - Advanced, B - Basic class, All - All levels

What means "+ Element"?
Evelyn and Esteban will choose for you at the moment of the lessons, from the list of elements for intermediate and advanced, regarding your dancing for a better teaching and understanding from you...
Intermediate element list:
Integrate boleos
the all four sacadas
ganchos and positions
Advanced element list:
the all four sacadas
ganchos and positions
soltadas, break the embrace

Basic Classes
We believe that dancing nicely depends less on the number of complicated steps than on a good and subtle technique. Therefore, we offer daily basic classes dealing with the grass roots of the Tango.
If not stated otherwise, these classes are independant of your level, your dancing experience or your preference for leading or following. Mainly, you practise as single, if there are paired exercises, pairs come together within the class. The number of participants is limited to make sure you get an intensive mentoring.

Evelyn, Esteban Paras & Paul as Adriana will teach in English. All other lessons will be in German.
All teachers are able to speak english - so don't hesitate to ask if there's something you haven't understood. Please help each other translating explanations.

Private Lessons
If you want to book individual lessons, please arrange a time slot with the particular teacher and talk to us concerning the room. Please, pay the fee for these lessons in the office.