Tango Laboratory (daily 6:30 -7:30 p.m.):

With our tango lab, we want to provide a platform for exchanging tango knowledge and ideas. Let's puzzle and practice together! Ask any clever or stupid question and/or explain your own tango concept!

Due to the huge demand for body work in this camp, we have decided to offer a Body Work Laboratory in the small hall parallel to the Tango Laboratory that takes place in the great hall.

Big Hall
Body Work
Small Hall
Sat 16|07|2011 Holger & Diana Liszczenski ( Bad Kreuznach)
With both feet in tango
We lead the woman into a position where she stands on two legs with her weight in the middle. We show how we can develop twisted and unwinded figures from this starting position, and want to continue developing them with the participants.
Annette Zapp (Hamburg)
Fluidez (fluidity)
... I have participated in a wonderful workshop by Ariadna Naveira and Fernando Sanchez: "Fluidez". I would like to share this experience ... It is not ( or less) about tango steps but about "get moving smoothly."
Sun 16|07|2011 Bernd Laudowicz (Bremen)
Argentine Folk Dance No. 1, is danced in pairs face to face, is wonderfully spirited and cheerful, with some hints of flamenco and wild roaring pampa bulls ... www.chacarera.de
Elke Bartsch (Wuppertal)
Tango is joyful to body and soul - but our feet are not always enthusiastic. In this hour, we make our feet happy again - with gentle massage techniques, which show a profound effect if they are a carefully applicated.
Please provide a mat or blanket and a pillow, body lotion or cream and clean feet. www.esalen.de
Mon 18|07|2011 Ulrike Nootz (Bonn) & Alexander Heidgen (Heuchelheim)
Leading and following on a scale from 0-100
How much should / can I lead or how little is sufficient. How exactly do I have to follow. How much may I play a part in the dance as a follower. A couple of nice games from 0 - 100
Peter Ewertz (Krefeld)
Feldenkraisbasierte KA
Since 6 years I am regularly taking part in Feldenkrais classes and reading a lot about that. That's why I would like to share some Feldenkrais experiences with you. Please bring a mat!
Tue 19|07|2011

Mirjam Trepte (Halle) & Max Peschek (Bremen)
Lineos & Ganchos
A beautiful Gancho should feel just as fluffy and casual as a linear Boleo. We show techniques for relaxed and swinging woman's legs and ideas for precisely fitting Gancho "gates".

Phillip Richdale (Karlsruhe)
Tenjin Shinjo Riu massage
Tenjin Shinjo Riu - The "School of the true holy pasture" is one of the basic philosophies of the soft and internal martial arts of Japan.
We look at some sections of this massage and learn some tricks, which makes this masage become something extra special.
It's great to make an tango night perfect or to lead it over into other phases...
Please come in pairs with comfortable clothes and bring a blanket or mat.
Wed 20|07|2011 Andrea Savage (Gießen)
Waves in huge sea
Discover the flow of your movements, and let warm waves pass through the body ... aaahh ... mmmmmmhh!
Elke Bayer (Düsseldorf)
Yoga Twists
Dissociation of the upper and lower body in yoga. Twists help you to feel balance in the body, stimulate your mind and inspire your heart.
This yoga class awakes the breath, the mobility of the spine and your inner strength - so you can use it for the dissociation in tango. Bring your sleeping mat! www.shivasloft.com
Thu 21|07|2011 Kai Linder (Freiburg) & Christina Miorin-Bellermann (Tübingen)
Nivel alto - nivel bajo
"Nivel alto" is traditionally danced in Estilo Milonguero, while "nivel bajo"is often danced in "Tango Nuevo" to allow large Boleos as well as sweeping Volcadas and Colgadas. The same figures in "nivel alto" are characterized by a little less tension, but therefor they can also be danced on a crowded milonga. For beginners, who are not dancing Volcadas, Colgadas and Boleos, different levels cause different step lengths and a different dynamic in leading.
Rena Fritsch (Jena)
The Pilates Method is a systematic whole-body training for strengthing muscles, primarily the pelvic floor, abdominal and back muscles. Please bring your mat!
Fri 22|07|2011 Sabine Zubarik & John-Michael Mendizza (Erfurt)
Parking permited!
As a good boy, you always lead your follower on her axis before you send her into a new step. But what happens if we "park" her in the middle between two steps, or even take here with us when she is parked there? Since there are unimagined opportunities!!!
Ezequiel Sanucci & Lydia Müller (Rotterdam)
Body awareness as preparation for dance
Find your centre and your balance. Listen. Body awareness, power, movability and awareness in preparation for dancing tango. Bring your camping mat!
Sat 23|07|2011 Eric & Sabrina (Heidelberg)
Saturday Night Fever - when Tango meets Disco!
Valz de los Beegees? Roll over D'Arienzo!!! Tango elements, that are much more than Discofox! Dancing like Juan Travoltada & Oblivia New-Tanda-schon!!
Neo-Tango redefined - Gotan was yesterday, again it's aGreased Lightning!
Anne Bartuszat (Halle)
Feet :-)
.. pamper your feet, get to know your feet, strength and relaxe your feet ... Please bring your mat!

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