The Craft and Art of Tango DJ'ing

DJ Class with Johan Steyn (Dublin)
Sunday 22|07|2012 5:30 pm - 7 pm

We invite all current and becoming DJs to our DJ Class to learn and discuss new aspects of Tango DJing.

Johan about himself:

I started dancing tango 3 year ago in Dublin, Ireland. I realized early on that in order to improve and add musicality to my lead, I would need to get to know the music intimately. This opened up a whole new world of tango music for me as I started learning as much as I could about the tango orchestras, genres and eras, building up a personal collection in the process.

In January 2009 I started DJ'ing at local milongas in Dublin, making mistakes along the way and learning a lot in the process. I have since travelled to Buenos Aires and to festivals around Europe, meeting and learning from experienced DJ's. With a background in electronic engineering I have honed my technical craft, and I am constantly evolving my art.

I try to live by the motto "Learn some, Do some, Teach some" (repeated in cycles ) on the basis that the most effective way of learning is by doing, and that one learns even more by teaching and sharing. So, having learnt some and done some, I think(hope) that I am now ready to teach some - to start sharing my knowledge and experience with aspiring DJ's, and anyone who is interested in tango music and the craft and art of tango DJ'ing.

DJ'ing is both a craft and an art. The craft of DJ'ing covers the objective, measurable, technical apects of hardware and software. The art of DJ'ing covers the more subjective, creative aspects surrounding the choice of music and the way the selection is structured to create a flow of energy that shapes the mood and atmosphere of a milonga.