Highlights - Balls with Live-Acts:

Saturday 21|7|2012 10pm - 5 am
Openng Ball Sergio Gobi Trio
Tuesday 24|7|2012 10pm - 5 am
Halftime Ball Muzet Royal
Homer & Cristina
Mario & Barbara
Tove & Bert-Ola
Lydia & Ezequiel
Mirjam & Max
Sabine & Enrico
Friday 27|7|2012 10pm - 5 am
Farewell Ball La Bicicleta &Federico Díaz
Saturday 28|7|2012 10pm - 5 am
Participants Ball Surprice
Homer & Cristina
Mario & Barbara
Tom & Jeanette
PHANTASTango! Childrens Circus
PHANTASTango! Performanc Company PHANTASTango! Orchestra
and much more...

Saturday 22|7|2012 10pm - 5 am Opening Ball


Sergio Gobi Trio
Pablo Woizinski (piano), Karina Nuñez (cello), Sergio Gobi (guitar, vocals)

In 2006 Sergio Gobi and the legendary "La Rolando Rivas" played at the Farewell ball of the very first PHANTASTango Summercamp. In 2010 he came back with the Cuarteto Rotterdam and now - we're looking forward to see and listen to him again!

Sergio is a multi-talented artist - beside being a musician he is also a painter, illustrator and poet. And he definitely is one of the best Germany-based Argentine tango singers, having worked together with almost every renown German Tango orchestra. When he sings with all his heart and authenticity, you might just want to sit down on the fringe of the stage and listen...

For our Opening Ball two fabulous musicians join Sergio in the Trio: Pablo Woizinski a great pianist (Trio Centrál, Stazo Mayor usw.) and Karina Nuñez a consommate cellist.

Tango Show:
Homer & Cristina, Mario & Barbara, Tove & Bert-Ola


Tuesday 24|7|2012 10pm - 5 am Halftimeball

Muzet Royal
Ulrike Dinter (violin) Sirid Heuts (accordion), Anna Maria Huhn (double bass)

The Trio Muzet Royal, Berlin, will give our ball an extra portion of flair and romance... 

Narrow lanes in Paris, languishing Tango dancers in Buenos Aires, a Gypsy wedding on the bonfire... Is it a song, a dance, a dream? With violine, accordion and double bass the trio is telling musical stories full of poetry and desire, happiness and high spirits. They take us on a musical journey starting from traditional Argentine Tango via Tango de Salon, Tango Valse and Milongas, passing by Gypsy melodies up to French Musette Valses - their music flavoured with the typical extra shot "Muzet Royal" is an invitation to both dancing and listening. 

Tango Show:
Mirjam & Max, Sabine & Enrico, Lydia & Ezequiel


Friday 27|7|2012 10pm - 5 am Farewell Ball

La Bicicleta & Federico Díaz
Judith Brandenburg (bandoneon), Javier Tucat Moreno (piano), Florian Kellerhals (violin), Federico Díaz (guitar)

"La Bicicleta" plays the other Tango: A very own and rare style - a new form of expressing the essence as well as the variety ofTango. The voice of Tango (the bandoneon), its heart (the piano) and its soul (the violin) melt together to a breathtaking synthesis. Celebrated in many concerts and Milongas, La Bicicleta have proved their own style that convinces audiences by its intensity, sophistication, power and subtlety. 

In Federico Díaz,"La Bicicleta" has invited a successful, top-class guitarist as a guest musician. 

Tango Show:
Homer & Cristina, Mario & Barbara, Tom & Jeanette, Stravaganza


Saturday 25|7|2012 10pm - 5 am Participants Ball Surprise

The actual farewell for the participants of the PHANTASTango! filled with own activities and framed by e.g. the PHANTASTango! kids circus, the PHANTASTango! orchestra, the PHANTASTango! Performance Company and many more surprises :-)

Again, we're looking forward to your creative ideas!