PHANTASTango! Orchestra

This year we will have our phantastic phantastango orchestra again, in which you can participate! There will be some pros, but it is especially an opportunity for us dancers that also play an instrument (or sing)  to relate to tango in a new (and very exciting) way.

This year the orchestra will be lead by Max Peschek (guitar) from Bremen and Homer Ladas (Bandoneon) from San Francisco, who are very excited to do so!

Daily rehearsals will start on Sunday 22.7.2012 10 to 12 am.

Our goal will be to have a great time together playing tango music and to perform one to three tandas at the saturday night milonga july 28. The working languages for rehearsals will be german and english, we hope this is ok for everybody.

All preparation material (arrangements, lead sheets, lyrics and MP3s) is
friendly provided by Korey Ireland, Ben Bogart, Homer Ladas and Arne Kuehr and are available for download at following sites (so you can practice…):

Korey Ireland:
PHANTASTango-Dropbox Orchester
We will activate your e-mail adress as access to our PHT-Dropbox when you send a short okay-message to
The access to Korey's material is public.

E-Mail (Max + PHT-Team):
Max: Phone +49 421 73 210 Mobile +49 160 84 12 699

We propose to play the following pieces:
1. A La Gran Muñeca (tango) (PHT-Dropbox) / (Korey Ireland at
2. Cafe Dominguez (tango) (Korey Ireland at
3. Nostalgias (tango) (Korey Ireland at
4. Carnaval de Mi Barrio (tango vocal) (PHT-Dropbox)
5. Sinfonia de Arrabal (tango vocal) (PHT-Dropbox)

If we have time and energy and are very enthusiastic than we could continue with the following pieces (in this order):
1. Romance de Barrio (vals vocal) (PHT-Dropbox)
2. Milonga Sentimental (milonga vocal) (Tango-Jam-Book at PHT-Dropbox)
3. Araca La Cana (tango vocal) (Korey Ireland at
4. Cuartito Azul (tango) (Korey Ireland at
5. Una Emoción (tango vocal) (PHT-Dropbox)
6. Cacareando (milonga vocal) (Korey Ireland at / YouTube
7. Silueta Portena (milonga vocal) (Tango-Jam-Book at PHT-Dropbox)
8. Corazon de Oro (vals) (Tango-Jam-Book at PHT-Dropbox)

Please bring your own music stand and a music stand light if you have one (this will be VERY useful when we perform on stage). Also clothes in black for the performance.

Please be sensitive to copyright issues. Some of the arrangements are provided for this event only. If you want to use them in another context, please ask the providers for permission (some can also be obtained). So please do not pass them on - it takes a lot of work and effort to produce the arrangements and we want to support the friendly people that make it possible to play this wonderful music!

We want to thank in advance to all parties concerned and wish you a joyfull rehearsals, wunderfull music and a great time together!

Kemi, Mirjam & Andreas,
Homer and Max