The old machine hall "Pfaennerhall" Braunsbedra in the former surface mining area Geiseltal (South-West of Halle/ Leipzig)

  Brown coal was mined in the area until 1993. Now, the mining has been stopped and new lakes are being flooded. Currently, the Geiseltal is being renaturated and developed into a vast leisure area. A very interesting place undergoing a big change....

In the past mining era, the building housed the maintenance unit of a neighbouring briquet plant.

After the mine was shut down, it was completely renovated in the years 1999/ 2000 and has been used for cultural events ever since.

The building consists of a spacious main hall, five fairly large siderooms, showers, toilets and a kitchen. Two of the siderooms will be prepared for accomodating people with matresses and sleeping bags.

If you prefer it a little bit more quiet, you can put up your tent behind the hall.

  The hall is surrounded by meadows close to lake Geiseltal, which is still being flooded. A good place to enjoy a quiet night in your tent. Maybe the shepherd with his flock will pass by now and then.....

For camping we advise to bring some sort of anti-sun screen - because in the pampa surrounding the Pfaennerhall are only a few trees and bushes. This measure might bring you 1 or 2 more hours of precious sleep...

By the way, the Friends of Pfaennerhall Geiseltal e.V. offers highly interesting guided tours into the former mining area and the recently founded nature reserve!

If you like a swim, the closest lake "Suedfeldsee" is only about 1.5 km away. But you could also travel to the nearby old city of Freyburg, idyllically situated in the Unstrut valley, to Goseck castle on the romantic bank of the river Saale or to Bad Lauchstädt, home of the Goethe theatre. All of which in cycling distance.

Some impressions of the "Pfaennerhall":